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 Educators, Organizers, Health Professionals, --

Take today to learn how to make a balanced life

without burning out.

Start with a list. Take out a sheet of paper right now. Make 4 Columns. In the 1st column write down all the things you do in a week or if that's too long a list, just start with a day. In the 2nd column write down all the things you do to take care of yourself, what are the things that give your energy and help your rest and refresh during the week (or day). In the 3rd column jot down the things you would like to do but don't have the time and energy to do in your week (or day). The fourth column leave blank for now.

Now look at the columns. Are they balanced? How do they make you feel? Overwhelmed? Stressed? What comes up for you? If you are feeling like the list is balanced you are on the right track, if not,  it's not too late. There are clear and achieveable ways to make your lists more balanced without quitting your job or burning out.

Now use your 4th column. Cross out 2 items from the 1st column and move them to this new column.  Add a (-) next to them, Then take 2 items in your 3rd column and copy them over to the 4th column and add a (+) next to them. These are the items you are going to focus on. This is your column of things you want to phase in/out of my week (or day).

Now I know it may seem silly but this is a challenge I give to you: say out loud the items listed with a (-) on the 4th column with this statement, "I am going to work on  phasing out________ & ________". How does that feel? Now, do the same for the items with a (+) next to them, state out loud "I am going to phase in _______ & ________."

Congratulations. You have taken your first step. Do you feel a little sigh of relief? Think about taking just the first of the things you are phasing out and work on that first. As this item is transitioning out of your life, ease in one of the items you are are phasing in. Don't take it on all at once. Lasting change happens in clear, achievable, small steps. Also take the time to recognize and acknowlege the tools you already have to take care of yourself in the 2nd column. These are valueable and should be used. Existing tools are easier to strengthen than using new tools, that's just a fact.

Like you, I would like to make positive change in my life, community, and in the world. In order to do so we need people such as you in it who can sustain the important work you are doing. This means that the movers and the shakers need also to take time to rest and refresh, to have sustaining energy that will help carry them through. I have spent most of my adult life working in areas of social, economic, and cultural change and already have run into too much burnout.

In offering massage therapy and bodywork, I hope to give back a little to the community and people I know who are doing important work each and every day.

Teachers, community changers, and union organizers are among those who invest so much into their work and making positive change and yet rarely invest what is necessary to take care of themselves. To you I say--It's worth the investment for us all!

Let me help with stress management and so you can focus on the important work ahead of you, find balance and energy to sustain you both professionally and personally.


Cancellation Policy
Advance notice of any changes or cancellations is greatly appreciated at least 24 hours is ideal. I understand that unanticipated events happen occasionally in everyone’s life. If you are ill and need to cancel just let me know so we can make sure to reschedule when you are feeling better! If you give less than 6 hours notice in cancelling your appointment, I will charge you 1/2 the session fee.


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